DevOps Support


Cloud Mojo supports organizations regularly evolve and upgrade their applications by making prompt changes in no time. Accomplishing DevOps support at an organizational level counts on a combination of 4 important services: Advisory services, integration and migration, staffing, and end-to-end support. Our main mission is to boost the capability and quality of software development, monitoring, support, and testing. Our team of professionals uses templates to support your organization to identify the right solution tools. Cloud mojo encourages your team to adopt a DevOps strategy that suits your organization perfectly. 

We Cloud Mojo boost businesses establish a fast and transparent delivery course, along with developing the quality of software solutions and building up cross-functional software teams. Since our establishment, we have supported thousands of small to big scale companies to retrieve the benefits of Cloud mojo’s strategies.

Our DevOps Solutions


DevOps Consulting

Sometimes expert consulting is essential. We are the providers of DevOps consulting services. Our engineer will guide you on shaping and adopting the most efficient and effective infrastructure or rebuild a new one.

DevOps Management

Automation is a development practice that enforces the developers to integrate the code into an archive considerable times a day. To provide continuous integration and delivery, our engineers perform manual automation.

DevOps Configuration

DevOps engineers will help you compose a host website regardless of the hosting type. Cloud Mojo supports you to expertly customize your services without any complexity.

DevOps Services

Advisory Services

Integration and Migration


End to End Support


CI/CD Pipeline, Automation, Deployment, Migration, Disaster Recovery


Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Splunk, GitHub , Kubernetes, Nagios, logstash