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About CloudMOJO

Cloud Mojo is a not-for-profit venture and a learning community for cloud computing organising free workshops and webinars with an objective to provide an interactive learning platform helping the learning enthusiasts for a skilful transformation for an inclusive future. 

Prior to the pandemic, the CloudMojo Community created offline meetups and workshops to drive extensive learning experience in the presence of experts while encouraging the individuals to explore their skills and innovative learning experience in vivid areas like DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud Support, Solution architect and web hosting ecosystem.  

We are a specialist Independent community driven by a team of bright, efficient & committed cloud engineers, having acquired their professional acumen from India’s premier technological institutes who share their real-time experiences Having provided many insightful sessions/training on the relevant topics CloudMojo has transformed hundreds of lives with an objective to contribute in the technological development of the country.

Cloud Mojo with an effective model is a Learning community that promotes the implementation of professional learning and skills by offering collaborative support required for it and also strengthens the individuals with quality instructional practice in order to meet the rigorous standards of skill-based education that differs from the Common Core Standards. 

Our Team

Jay Paudyal(Co-Founder)

Acquiring command over web technologies for 20 years, Jay is the proud co-founder of cloud Mojo. He holds a masters degree in marketing and started his enduring journey with the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (formerly DOEACC)- an independent scientific society under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, with a particular approach, extensive potential and the brains behind a succeeding Entrepreneur business setup. With his leadership qualities and expertise in technology and E-business, he enlightened many individuals. He started his venture as a consultant and expanded into other niches as well. He provides software solutions to all kinds of businesses or enterprises. He has been awarded Fellowship by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and isig (Indian School of Internet Governance).

Arpit Agarwal(Co-Founder)

Holds 12+ years of variegated experience in information and technology. Arpit is associated with Cloud Mojo as the (CTO) co-founder from years, as well apart from Cloud Mojo, currently he is providing services and technical directions to 24E-services and its customers.With his prudent and managerial skills, he administers stakeholders and teams with prosperity and validation. He graduated in Computer Science & Engineering from the Technical University of Uttar Pradesh, and also holds masters in Business Administration. He has exceptional managing and technical skills in end-to-end application and cloud-based technology. His proficient and ingenuity skills he assembled a team of professionals under his supervision. His foresighted attributes are sustaining businesses and enterprises working with him in the IT industry.

Dilendra Shukla

Cloud Engineer (Community Mentor)

Divya Shukla

Community Manager

Shubham Khandelwal

Shubham Khandelwal

Designer & WordPress Developer

Amit Gupta

Digital marketing Expert

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